than the love of food".....

So!... when we talk about FOOD - Raw Food, Vegetarian/Vegan, Power foods we are really just excited about food in general and plant based food is 100% of that.

We are passionate about delicious food, nutritious food, healthy food, exciting food, amazing nutrient rich food - that looks and tastes great. Food that gives you energy so that while you are on vacation with us ( and when you go home) you are able to get the best out of every day!  We begin by adding. Adding this fruit, that vegetable, this sprout and that seed allowing the body to have an introduction to nutrient rich, raw foods so that it shifts automatically at its own pace opening up your eyes and senses to a whole new world of health and well being. Well being you are able to take home with you after the retreat in the form of fun new recipes and tricks that we will teach you about diet.

It is our goal you leave saying "That food was amazing!" "I never knew vegetarian food could taste so good!" "I feel great" AND YOU WILL like so many guests have before you! 

Throughout the retreat we  will be chatting about yummy dishes - Liz loves to share recipes, you will be able to ask questions, watch and participate in demonstrations. We'll be feeding you tasty meals that we personally are so excited about before the retreat we can just hardly wait to share.

The retreats will be catered in plant based foods, but you don't have to be a raw foodist or vegetarian to enjoy. To be honest you probably won't even miss the meat! 

check our new site: www.tnorth.org FOR FUN RECIPES posted ON OUR BLOG!