If you build it they will come, if you save your space today you will get it - a new lease on life that is... and a fresh tan line too ;) MAUI HAWAII APRIL 10-16 2016 WE WANT YOU!

So, several years ago now, ten to be exact,  the universe picked me up and said you have somewhere you need to go - its an event business, come start it - it will be good for you to do. Hm.. it seemed like a great adventure, why not - what have I got to loose?

I landed in Vermont, a town of 400.. and then I remembered - I can't live without my yoga. What about that?! and my green juice I can't live without that ... - what do you do?? You make it, and well, I figured if anyone joined me, I knew they would feel the same ...way too!

So, I found a space, turned up the heat and started making green juice. "Hey, ya see the crazy lady ( 8.5 months pregnant by the way) at center of town, in what was the old butcher shop ( this was the site of my first studio)... with the heat,. she' crazy ( lol) I said - Shush - or JOIN ME ;)

People came, the community grew - one by one, two by two, but guess what? Come February/April Vermont is really really cold too! Faced again with .. what do you do? Well, LETS TAKE THIS CREW ON THE ROAD and that is what we will do!

Since 2007, I hit the road mid Winter and can't stop smiling. It is time you join our community too. February sold out so we added April, the week of April 10-16th to be exact.

Maui Hawaii - join us you won't look back! I can't wait to share the best vacation ever, the abundance of wellness you will feel after; My crew, comprised of super seasoned Bikram teachers, Hawaiian healers, living foods and well... simply Maui in April... Oh my goodness how could you not join us, bring a crew! There are 6 spaces left and sure to sell out.

Please call me today, I can not wait to meet you and have you part of this ever growing community. All escapes are made up of 20-50% return guests. How great is that to meet up every year, same great escape just someplace new!

So, back to what YOU NEED TO DO:

1. Contact me to save your space(s)
2. Start looking into flights - so that is set too
3. Be PSYCHED you have your late Winter escape handled for you
4. Show up and let myself and my team take care of you!

lizcottervents@gmail.com for reservations!!!

Only warm regards,
Liz Patnode-Cotter - BYTT02' & Wellness Expert

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