Thnking about a Juice/blended food Fast? Here are 5 things you want to/will get out of it..

1. What is controlling you?

You will start to realize how much food controls you ALL day long. How we are so hardwired to always be thinking about what's next to eat. Or the false I'm hungry that is often disguised with dehydration.

2. Bring attention to what is consuming you

When we are not so consumed with what to consume it allows us to spend more time thinking about where we are in life.

It allows us to contemplate things that we normally wouldn't think about because we are too busy. You also start to see all of the little things that once bothered you to be some of your most cherished things. You will start to see these types of things as lessons and teachers.

3. It instantly reveals where you are lacking

Due to our busy schedules and deep ambition to always be moving forward in the US, we stay busy all of the time. If we observe nature you will see that every thing in nature has seasons of fruition and seasons of rest. Your body is the same way. You will need time to rest to become a brighter version of yourself. One of my favorite things to do during a fast is to get back to my spiritual life.

4. You become vastly more creative

Scientifically when we fast our brains go in starvation mode and this gives us hyper alertness. There is a documentary called Fasting that talks about the mental benefits and it is pretty astounding. Some of my most creative ideas came from being in a fast. You can reach this level by doing a 24 hour fast as well. One of my personal favorite ways to do this is to start after lunch one day and finish the next day around lunch.

5. So how do you get started?

The good news is you will not need to order any fancy supplements to partake in this… just good ol' fashion veggies. Consider involving a friend or family member to join in on the experience. We find that when we do anything together it makes for a much easier process! 

We'll start this weekend with a shopping list and things to do... Join me Monday for a 5 day fast to kick start SUMMER!




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