Ah Spring spring spring... I can actually see grass in my yard and water like this just gets me even more in the mood!! for Spring and SPRING CLEANING. ENJOY!:

(1) bloating and feeling a little “clogged” (don’t be shy!);
(2) extra water weight around abs; or
(3) intense cravings for a soda (or something sweet). So, before you starve yourself, buy some “Super Fast-Acting Detox Tea” or grab a soda from the vending machine, here are 4 g...
reat infused vitamin waters to help cleanse your system naturally.

**TIP: add these to your water bottle in the morning and drink an hour later.**

(1) Orange & Lemon water: Citrus fruits help digestion especially in room temp (or warm) water. This water can help heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating, loss of appetite, vomiting & constipation.

(2) Cucumber, lime & mint (ginger optional): Good water for water-weight management, hydration, cleansing, controlling appetite, improving mood & energy.

(3) Lemon, orange and lime water: Same benefits as number one.

(4) Strawberry, orange & mint water: protects immune system, vitamin rich, prevents wrinkles. Remember mint also helps with bad breath and digestion. Hydration is just as important as the food you eat daily - water helps spread nutrients from food throughout your body.

**Do NOT let fruit sit in the water for more than 48 hours. A little incentive to drink up - and then enjoy the fruit too!