You watch what you put in your body, what about what you put on your body?

I know, I am continuously reminding you, you are what you eat... Well that is true! And what you eat so affects you. But don't forget what you put on your body is equally important - your skin being the largest organ in your body! Stop! Look at the products in your house, look at the labels and how crazy the ingredient label?! Do some Spring cleaning!!! I did and now my house is fully stocked with the most amazing, all nontoxic, non animal tested, no sles's no sls's, no harsh chemical compound skin and body care! FINALLY I found a product line and a company that I could stand behind. Check it out - sign up free as a CLIENT . Ask me, I will send you free samples. You gotta get off that toxic crap! Like today - trust me, you have no idea what it is doing to you or where it is lodging and festering within your body. Contact me now for help learning more!!!! Lizcotterevents@gmail.c

Elizabeth CotterComment