The Bikram 30 Day challenge ---- and I get what?

So, feeling a little sluggish already? Want to get a jump on that Thanksgiving day feast? Why not start a yoga challenge! Why not treat yourself to a trip to Puerto Rico with us after you finish?!...sounds good to me!
A common practice at hot yoga studios around the world is the “Bikram yoga 30 day challenge” and it’s pretty much what it sounds like — 30 days of hot yoga in a row. Most studios will allow you to do a double (two classes in one day) if you happen to miss one, so there’s usually nothing to worry about it if you miss a class here or there (easy)...
The benefits of doing any challenge - but a  30 day challenge are immense. Making this commitment sparks an intensive healing process in the body and raises the bar on one’s personal expectations of what is possible. Many of us think we couldn’t possibly do hot yoga for 30 days in a row, but even within the first few days, we find strength, determination and passion that previously didn’t exist. Committing to this challenge allows for the possibility of discovering something about ourselves — that we are much more powerful and capable than we would have imagined.
Another major benefit of the 30 day challenge is how much it brings out buried problems, allowing us the opportunity to work through them. Previous injuries surface with this kind of consistent practice, giving us the chance to heal and break through old problems long stuck in the body.
Having a goal of taking 30 classes in 30 days really encourages you to stay active every single day. All you need to do is focus on the emotional reward of completing your thirty days, but mindful of the benefits you’ll receive along the way… extra energy, better sleep, increased flexibility,  A HOT YOGA BODY to show off in Puerto Rico (lol) etc.... no but seriously,  It contains all the myriad ways hot yoga benefits us, but so much more when concentrated into a 30 day challenge!
DO ONE TODAY! and let me know how you go... Any challengers that complete a 30 day challenge prior to our Feb. retreat receive 10% discount on all retreat fees..
Elizabeth CotterComment