Hurricane Sandy is whippin it up we

...started to whip it up in here
and what -
Vegan (nearly raw) Punkin' Cheesecake
*practice now and it will be perfect by THANKSGIVING!

2/3 C coconut meat
1/2C coconut water
1/4C soaked macadamia nuts
2T coconut syrup or maple syrup
1t lemon juice
1/2t vanilla flavor ( not extract) or vanilla bean
pinch of salt
1/2 coconut oil
* Blend everything leaving the coconut oil until last - and blend inn
*Chill for at least six hours until it firms. Use a spoon to dollop on (or just put in your mouth!) your desserts or if you want to get fancy use a pastry bag!


3/4C pecans
1/4 C dates
1 drop of vanilla flavor
pinch of sea salt
*various sized spring form pans for your pie(s)

*pulse the pecans in a food processor adding dates until the mixture starts to clump together
If your dates are not super moist add a drop of water.

The Cake:
1C pumpkin (cooked) pumpkin puree
1C cashews
1C water
4T lucima powder (info on this see below)
6T maple syrup (grade B)
2t vanilla flavor or vanilla bean
1t cinnamon

1t psyllium
1/2C + 2T coconut butter (liquefied)
5t liquid cacao 'butter'

*Blend the first group of ingredients in a high speed blender until creamy - do it in batches or what your blender can handle
*Add the last three items and puree completely. Pour into your crust and refrigerate or freeze for up to 8 hrs or until firm

** what is lucima powder you say?
Lucima powder is a sweet and edible fruit from the lucima tree. Resembling a pursimmon in appearance it is loaded with beta-caroten, nacin (vitamin B) and Iron. it has a sweet and distinctive flavor - much like maple syrup. You can find it in your health food stores next to the cacao!

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