Shake-Out The Fake-Out : Parmela Vegan Parmesan

While I love my raw pine nut Parmesan all over fresh tomatoes, a garlic - y vegan caesar, or some kale or zucchini noodles,  I realize that not everyone has a dehydrator - or the time to whip up a batch of that cheeze goodness or resources to that - unless they are on retreat with us SO... here is an excellent alternative to get your vegan cheeze on from Parmela Foods

Parmela is like the Cinderella story of vegan cheese. With a lovely base of nutritional yeast, cashews and almonds, our parm princess just needed the fairy godmother of fermentation to make her believe(able). Seriously, this product has a truly cheesy profile..the closest we've tasted to the 'real thing.'  Enclosed in an elegant glass container, Parmela is the true belle of any vegan ball.

Locate Parmela here:

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