Dr. David Jubb on internet radio Thursday Aug 2nd 6:00pm EST, 3pm PST

Dr. David Jubb http://davidjubb.com/

is a nuerobehavioral physiologist, a microspocist, a blood formation specialist and an expert in nutrition currently located in the east village of NYC. He is a Shaman in the Native American Toltec tradition and one of the world's top naturalists. He conducts trainings and seminars around the world on cleansing, vitality, diet and fitness. His prime-time television show, "The Universe Inside Our Mind", has been running on Manhattan cable for over a decade.
For the past 40 years, Dr. Jubb has been an innovator in the field of neurology, language, communication, gender roles, nutrition, blood formation, and is a founder of Colliodal Biology which is the understanding of life below the level of the cell.

Dr. Jubb is reknowned around the world for his ability to "read the body like a book" and has been a pioneer in non-surgical, non-druggist approaches to healing through vitalization. He promotes LIFEFOOD, which is distinct from raw or living foods in that it still has it's lifeforce (measurable biophotonic energy) intact, its ability to reproduce, and can be found growing somewhere in the wild.

Here is a chance to call in and talk to Dr. Jubb ask him about health diet disease. Dr. Jubb will give his insights to 2012 and the upcomming Historically significant dates and Nibiru the 12th planet, planet X


  Ask questions about what you are looking to accomplish with your health. What are your concerns and how can a Lifefood Lifestyle bring you to a higher level of health. Learn the secrets from Dr. David Jubb!

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Dr. David Jubb Live on Internet Radio Thursday 6pm EST 3pm PST
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