Bikram, Baptiste, Inferno Hot pilates Retreats in Vermont, Puerto Rico, & Maui Hawaii

Bikram Yoga Retreat Mendon Vermont, Bikram Yoga Retreat Puerto Rico, Bikram Yoga Retreat Maui. Great yoga, eat amazing food, meet wonderful people... and laugh A LOT!! Bikram yoga is a beginning yoga class comprised of 26 basic hatha postures, each one practiced twice, in a warm room. The heated room will allow you to heal faster, stretch deeper, feel better without injury. Set up like a chain reaction, the series of postures is designed to continually warm you up so from the beginning to the end of class you will never go into a posture underprepared. You will work your body and mind from the inside out, fingertips to toes, bones to skin - touching on every muscle, ligament, tendon, internal organ in your body - you will feel great!  The series & class is always the same wherever you are on the planet - but you will never have the same class twice! Challenging, rewarding at every level, NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED


Whole fruit VS Fruit Salad - what the dilly, squngilli... why does one make my tummy hurt?


Not so awesome for your belly...

AH.....fruit salad - so tempting and so pretty. Not so fast lady - check out the food combining chart and understand that pretty little package is a time bomb waiting to go off in your belly. If you want to go for a fruit salad -  instead of a whole fruit option - combine fruits that work well togehter
1. all berries
2. All citrus fruits
3. All acidic fruits
4. MELON  - always eat it alone or leave it alone!

And your belly will be much happier!

Once you have the right fruit combo....then take a look at what you just ate, what you plan to eat after and allow your body the propper digestion time..... more rules for propper food combinging tomorrow. Stay tuned! Excellent digestion is where your health begins!