The hardest part of class is just showing up.

Once you are there... the magic always happens

Bikram Retreat, Bikram Yoga - "You are never too old, too bad, never too late, and never too sick to start from scratch once again". Bikram Choudhury

Chris Davis, yoga retreat participant, normal guy just like you and me. He one day decided to get up, get going, and change his life for the better one step at a time. He believed he could. Chris Davis arrived in Pittsfield on a mission. A mission to heal himself step by step and he is doing it - through diet, exercise and positive thinking. Nearly or more than 400 lbs lost since that day he woke up and decided he was ready to get gettin on with life.....he is doing it!  

At the time of our yoga retreat Chris had taken 1 Bikram Class in his life - but he jumped in, took it one day at a time - always smiling and continued to show up and JUST DO THE BEST HE COULD every day.

What a reminder - the hardest part of class is ALWAYS showing up - the yoga always does what it needs to, for you, once you are there. GO CHRIS! Since June Chris is down below 290, kept steady with cross training and Bikram. We are excited to have him back for his 2nd Bikram Retreat experience  this September!